Our crowd-funding campaign via kickstarter.com has officially hit the ground running.  We have set a target financial goal of $12,000 to be obtained in 60 days – not a lot of time!  That is why we need your support for this film.  If you are not familiar with kickstarter, projects must raise 100% of their target goal – or we receive nothing at all. That is simply how kickstarter operates – however, this may a good thing – providing us with the urgency and flame to get this film racing forward into production.  Our kickstarter campaign is the first step of a multi-faceted fundraising approach that will include events spanning not only Connecticut but also the country.

As part of our initial kickstarter campaign, we scheduled a shoot with Mary Kight, Connecticut Department Chair of American Gold Star Mothers.  Mary became a Gold Star Mother when she lost her son Michael Kight in Vietnam, May 19th, 1967.  She graciously allowed us to conduct an interview with her to hear her story, providing us this footage to put together an appeal to promote our film.  Also featured is U.S. Army Vietnam veteran Alfred Comeau, sharing his experience not only as a Vietnam veteran, but also reflecting on the loss of a child in the service and also the impact it has on the families of the lost.  Below are some screen shots: