As we move toward the end of 2012, the producers of They Shall Live are very excited to announce the completion of our film companion book: “They Shall Live: In the Words of America’s Gold Star Mothers”

Our documentary – which is currently in production with shooting having commenced over the course of 2012 and to continue into 2013 – simply cannot encapsulate all of the memoirs and wisdom of our nation’s Gold Star Mothers. There are so many stories to be heard and told that we felt a companion book would be a perfect opportunity to supplement our storytelling.

The book runs 136 pages and will be available directly from our partners at Amazon for $24.95. Proceeds of the book will go directly toward continued funding for camera equipment, travel expenses, and post production, with 5% being donated directly to American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
They Shall Live: In the Words of America’s Gold Star Mothers will serve as a supplement to the film, comprised of memoirs and wisdom from mothers nationwide, their experiences as mothers of departed children, the commitment to preserve the legacy of their child’s sacrifice, and the means by which they obtained strength and hope. This companion book and the film currently in production will let the voices of American Gold Star Mothers nationwide be heard, a population of American society whose story is one of strength, courage, and enduring love.